Dr. Mohd Nayeem Uddin Ghouri

As a General Practitioner at Oxygen Hospitals, I provided quality primary care to a diverse range of patients, with over 3 years of experience in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various medical conditions, injuries, and illnesses. I also advised patients and community members on health promotion, hygiene, and disease prevention, using effective communication and clinical skills. I completed my MBBS degree from Deccan College of Medical Sciences in 2017, and my Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus from Medvarsity in 2023. I have a keen interest in diabetes care, and I have developed individual treatment plans, monitored patients' progress, and prescribed medication and therapy for diabetes patients. I have also used medical software and EMR systems to maintain organized records and vital statistics. My goal is to enhance public health and well-being through comprehensive and culturally sensitive healthcare services, and to collaborate with regional health authorities and other healthcare professionals.